RTEMS Developers List is available.

Gedare Bloom gedare at rtems.org
Mon Dec 5 18:37:06 UTC 2011

>> This also follows the practice of other large free software projects.
>> Many projects have a developer, patches, and user help list.
> Pardon? No sane project maps bugzilla and commits to a devel list, because
> bugreports and commit lists annoy developers.

Just to clarify, the intent is for replies to rtems-vc to go to
rtems-devel. Commits themselves still only go to rtems-vc, so that
annoyed developers can avoid them. And rtems-bugs remains the archived
mailing list for the bugzilla. rtems-devel will allow users to submit
patches without having to learn bugzilla, and will allow core
developers to debate design choices.

The debate about rtems-devel is exactly the reason to have an
rtems-devel list. Users, and especially new users, should not have to
see the sometimes vitriolic responses to design/implementation
choices, project directions, and during patch/commit review. I have
seen entirely too much passive-aggressive (and aggressive-aggressive)
behavior on this list that belittles and bullies users and developers
alike.  While there is not much to do about curbing that kind of
behavior in an open environment, at least if we relocate the debates
then we offer some buffer to users who could care less about what
happens in between releases.


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