Some tests around the Minimac RX FIFO overflow BUG in the Milkymist One BSP

Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas paul at
Tue Feb 15 04:06:53 UTC 2011

Hi again,

I did some *quick* tests with my Milkymist One board (MM1) connected to a
laptop. Main tool used for test was the ttcp just compiled from the
network-demos provided by Yann Sionneau.

Before go further,i wan tell the "Minimac RX FIFO overflow!" Bug, seems to be
present when uploading files to a tfp server running on the mm1-rtems,
is very important to note, that i dint fired up the bug using the 
"tftpclient" app from the demo i pointed, the particular case there is that 
rtems is the client that pull data from a remote tftpd, so main problem seems 
to be push data from remote client to rtems !

I decided to use the ttcp tool as this is used since long time for
networking testing and benchmarking.

The sender setup is:

ttcp -t -s -n xxxx

The receiver setup is:

ttcp -r -s -l xxxx

The value xxxx (size of the buffers), was replaced by 100, 300, 500 and 3000.

In all of then the BUG was fired with less overflow messages on screen [2] with the earlier values, 
and more in the later. 

All test finished, expect for the last one (with 3000 buffer value)
you can check on wireshark that the board just start to send
Broadcast ARP at some ar the end, thats when there is no response. I
even wait for 10 minutes but nothing changed.

You can get the other captured files with the network data [4] and the
log in the sender machine [5].

I hope it helps, tell me what i should do from here to improve the
information i can collect in order to track the Bug.

Thanks !!

Cristian Paul

[1] git clone git://



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