RTEMS-4.10 branch development tools (was Re: Rtems-4.10.2 and RPC on PowerPC)

Kate Feng feng at bnl.gov
Sat Oct 20 11:20:23 UTC 2012

Hi Ralf,

     Is the version of development tools for RTEMS-4.10 finalized ?  It 
seems that I am not the only one
who might have problems with the development tools.  The code in RTEMS 
4.10.2 O.S. should function
properly as well even though  it is a little bit different from the 
patch I applied on RTEMS 4.10.0.
However, the compiled code proved otherwise.

    IIRC, I used the pre-built development tools for RTEMS 4.10.0.  
Thus, I should not confirm which version
of tools and patches were applied. When I downloaded RTEMS 4.10.1 and 
RTEMS 4.10.2, there were problems
with the pre-built one on the Ubutu PC that I had to build the tools 
from the source and used whatever patches
was posted along with 4.10.1 and 4.10.2.

   So far, my patched code for RTEMS4.10.0 works well with the prebuilt 
tool which was released along with
4.10.0.  Did anyone succeed with the current 4.10.2 development tools on 
PowerPC ? I haven't updated the
tools for a while, but Robert might have difficulties with the recent 
one, too. I hope that those information
helps to move RTEMS-4.10.2 forward.

   Kate Feng

On 10/19/2012 09:15 PM, rwas wrote:
> I have not tried to use the patch you provided.
> As soon as I was reasonably sure that 4.10.x had issues (and was not 
> my coding) I chose to step back to 4.9.3.
> At this point, my schedule is too tight to risk using 4.10.x. I would 
> like to help you
> debug 4.10, I just can't spend the time on it now.
> I do thank you for taking the time to help me on this Kate.
> Robert W.
> Kate Feng wrote:
>>  Is there anything wrong with the patch I sent yesterday for 4.10.0 ?
>>  Does it work for you in  4.10.0? We have used that code  for more
>>  than a year.
>>  I debugged RTEM4.10.2 today.  It seems that the main issue is not
>>  related to the patch I sent or the code in RTEM4.10.2 (e.g.
>>  bootcard.c), although there are some discrepancies between the two.
>>  It seems that there are some bugs in the compiling tools for
>>  RTEMS-4.10.2 because malloc() does not behave the same as
>>  RTEMS-4.10.0 does, even though the relevant code are the same.
>>  For both 4.10.0 and 4.10.2,  I used the gcc-core-4.4.6.tar.bz2 and
>>  gcc-g++-4.4.6.tar.bz2.
>>  However, for  RTEMS4.10.0, I applied the patch
>>  gcc-core-4.4.6-rtems4.10-20110420.diff For  RTEMS4.10.2, I applied
>>  the patch gcc-core-4.4.6-rtems4.10-20110829.diff, and
>>  gcc-g++-4.4.6-rtems4.10-20110829.diff.
>>  Thus, it might depends on which version of compiling tools you use
>>  for both RTEMS-4.10 and RTEMS-4.10.2.  Perhaps, the tools are not
>>  interchangeable between 4.10.0 and 4.10.2, which I did not test yet.
>>  Others might know these gcc tool patches better than me.
>>  Hope this helps.
>>  Cheers, Kate Feng
>>  On 10/18/2012 07:24 PM, rwas wrote:
>> >
>> >
>> > Kate Feng wrote:
>> >>
>> >> Yes,  RTEMS4.10.1 and RTEMS4.10.2 still have bugs.
>> >
>> >
>> > Will these patches fix 4.10.2?
>> >
>> > If 4.10.2 is this buggy I may go back to 4.9. :(
>> >
>> > Thanks Kate.
>> >
>> > Robert W.
>> >
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