RTEMS Source Builder build error

Rui Zhengxin ruizx at qq.com
Fri Aug 30 09:37:56 UTC 2013

On Thursday, August 29, 2013 7:17 PM Alan Cudmore wrote:

> Just adding my experience:
> I tried to build a mingw arm-rtems4.11 compiler on cygwin using source
> builder. I was not able to get it to work until I created a brand new
> Windows 7 virtual machine and just installed cygwin.
> Whatever combination of software I have on my main Windows 7 laptop kept
> the build from completing.
> Right now, I'm happy to use the Chris's mingw compiler that he cross
> compiled on FreeBSD.
> http://www.rtems.org/ftp/pub/rtems/people/chrisj/source-builder/4.11/mingw32/
> Alan

Alan, thanks for your experience, 
I want to compile my mingw compiler on Centos.

The reason is I want to verify is my question "Can not list dir, MinGW compiler issue" caused by the different compiler on Centos and MinGW.
The configuration of preinstalled cross compiler on Centos and MinGW is not the same,
I want to get the same configurated cross compilers.

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