Tool versions out of date in Getting Started with RTEMS manual for 4.10.2.

Simon Clubley simon.clubley at
Thu Jun 6 00:58:54 UTC 2013


I'm starting the process of upgrading to 4.10.2 and am gathering the
required components to build RTEMS and the toolchain from source.

However, the tool versions in
are out of date and still refer to old gcc and binutils versions. As I
am a experienced RTEMS user, I know where to look in the webserver
directory tree to find the correct versions and to look at Ralf's
TOOL_VERSIONS for the starting point.

However, this is exactly the kind of thing which is going to throw a
newcomer to RTEMS big time; they will not know to look in the
webserver tree and just assume the information in the Getting Started
manual is accurate and current.

I'm just feeding back this observation from the end user side of
things in the hope it's useful.

BTW, I didn't see a Ada patch for gcc 4.4.6. Is it a Ada patch not
required this time around ?

Also, I see the RPMs have been rebuilt using gcc 4.4.7, but
TOOL_VERSIONS still references gcc 4.4.6. Is gcc 4.4.7 still a work in
progress or is it considered suitable for use with RTEMS 4.10.2 ?



Simon Clubley
simon.clubley at

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