FW: Load module fail using RTL

박형식 hspark at satreci.com
Tue Aug 12 09:10:37 UTC 2014

I try to follow way. I applied patch file to rtl-host and re-build. But result is same.

It seems to do not include gcc libraries.

I include __floatsisf function in my base rtems. so that error do not occurs, but other symbol could not find.(__gesf2)

But, __addsf3 is not include in my rtems. but this symbol is linked by libgcc.a

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On 11/08/2014 6:40 pm, 박형식 wrote:
> Hello,
> I develop some application using RTL library. But I have follow error.
> ·path : /ram:0/app_task module load fail : 22(global symbol not found:
> __addsf3)
> ·path : /ram:0/app_task module load fail : 22(global symbol not found:
> __floatsisf)
> ·My base rtems does not include library that include __addsf3, 
> __floatsisf, but also I think my application does not include that.

These functions are found in libgcc.a.

> ·I use follow command for compile and linking for application.
>   * Sparc-rtems-gcc -O2 -g -Wall -c -fmessage-length=0 -msoft-float -mcpu=v8
>   * rtems-ld -e app_main --lib gcc --mcpu=v8 -b path/base_rtems -M
>     -cc=C:/opt/rtems-4.10-mingw/bin/sparc-rtems-gcc

Hmm I wonder if this is related to Peng patch he posted on the devel list the other day ...


It might be worth a try. I am yet to comment on this patch.

> I use rtems 4.10 with leon3(sparc archecture).
> Why does not include __addsf3 and __floatsisf libraries in application?
> How can I include that functions in my application?

The rtems-ld should manage this.  I suspect the options to gcc and the rtems-ld are not lining up.


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