RTEMS on T2080 in hypervisor environment

Matthew Dahl M.Dahl at astronautics.com
Thu Jun 22 17:47:53 UTC 2017

Hello, I am currently working on developing a server based on the NXP T2080.

Our system will have the T2080 executing a hypervisor and two partitions, one of these partitions is going to be utilizing RTEMS and the other will be Linux.
We have successfully built and tested on our board without the hypervisor and the RTEMS application runs as expected.
The issue is executing under the hypervisor, when this is attempted it appears that the application 'stalls' early in the boot, specifically in the call to the bsp_fdt_copy function which is called from .start.

I can 'track' what instructions the application is getting to using the hypervisor, but like I said above it gets to an if statement and doesn't enter it nor does it jump past it.

My question is: Are there currently plans for a creation/addition of the QorIQ BSP such that the applications execute under the hypervisor? Additionally is there any recommended ways to attempt to debug this issue deeper with a bit more than essentially 'print' statements to determine if the code is reaching specific points, etc...

I know right now this issue is blocking point 1 and immediately following that would be integration with the hypervisor byte-channel (which is what I was attempting to add in when I discovered this issue of the application 'stalling'.)

Thanks for your time,

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