RTEMS on T2080 in hypervisor environment

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Fri Jun 23 05:23:13 UTC 2017

Hello Matthew,

On 22/06/17 19:47, Matthew Dahl wrote:
> Hello, I am currently working on developing a server based on the NXP 
> T2080.
> Our system will have the T2080 executing a hypervisor and two 
> partitions, one of these partitions is going to be utilizing RTEMS and 
> the other will be Linux.
> We have successfully built and tested on our board without the 
> hypervisor and the RTEMS application runs as expected.
> The issue is executing under the hypervisor, when this is attempted it 
> appears that the application ‘stalls’ early in the boot, specifically 
> in the call to the bsp_fdt_copy function which is called from .start.
> I can ‘track’ what instructions the application is getting to using 
> the hypervisor, but like I said above it gets to an if statement and 
> doesn’t enter it nor does it jump past it.
> My question is: Are there currently plans for a creation/addition of 
> the QorIQ BSP such that the applications execute under the hypervisor? 
> Additionally is there any recommended ways to attempt to debug this 
> issue deeper with a bit more than essentially ‘print’ statements to 
> determine if the code is reaching specific points, etc…

you are the first interested to run RTEMS under control of a hypervisor 
on this platform. The BSP needs an FDT which must be supplied by the 
boot loader (or the hypervisor in your case). For debugging I would use 
a Lauterbach debugger or tracer.

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