Building RSB (RTEMS Source Builder) on Windows 10

Jacob Saina jsaina at
Tue Nov 14 02:29:18 UTC 2017

>> 2) I've noticed that the "rsb-report-arm-rtems4.11-kernel...." file
>> says "RSB: not a valid repo." What does this mean?
> I suggest you try a build with `--without-rtems` on the command line. ...

I've kicked off a build --without-rtems. But is this related to the "RSB:
not a valid repo" message?

>> 3) My build seems to take an excessively long time given my hardware --
it fails
>> in ~5.5 hours with a brand new laptop with i7, 16GB RAM, and SSDs. My
>> had no problems on an older laptop with v4.11.0, and that completed in
>What was the architecture? Different architectures have a differing number
>libraries and this changes the time needed to build.

Same architecture, ARM, and same command line except for "4.11.2" vs
"4.11.0." We've gotten that computer to build applications and run them on
the Xilinx zcu706.

>Also the RTEMS kernel building builds all BSPs and this arch has a lot of
>That would take a while.

Oh, I didn't realize that! Looking at the quick start guide (,
if the sb-set-builder step has already built the kernel and BSPs, what does
the kernel building step do?

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