MIDAS rtems Port

Lee Pool lcpool at tlabs.ac.za
Wed Jul 25 06:05:28 UTC 2018

Hi, Konstantin,

I've noted your request...

Should be easy to get going, if I can find little bit of time
this week.

On 21/07/2018 02:51, Konstantin Olchanski wrote:
> Hi, there - on my side, I got MIDAS to (partially) run on ucLinux (mmu-less embedded ARM CPU),
> and I think it would be good to include the RTEMS port at least partially
> in the midas distribution. (I do not have any RTEMS hardware or cross-compiler,
> so cannot maintain the port...).

RTEMS "hardware" at the moment is a very long list, :)

See here: https://devel.rtems.org/wiki/TBR/Website/Board_Support_Packages

I've had success with EPICS and rtems, which is mostly what they do at 
SLAC from what I recall, might be different now.

You could cross compile for a simple intel cpu, etc. and run tests via 
qemu. As mentioned for us, it was to run our vme sbc with a simple real 
time OS, doing very basic BLT read out for the K600 facility.

> Would it be possible for you to bring your RTEMS port up to date with the current
> midas distribution (delevop git branch)?


> If not, not all is lost, I could do a diff between your midas and our midas
> of the same vintage and identify your most crucial changes.

The changes are minimal, and mostly follows the vxworks implementation
by means of POSIX RTEMS API.

To get a frontend going is a little bit more tricky, in that it uses
the rtems libbsd for the network stack, and other peripherals that
you might like in a rtems bsp, like serial out, vga/screen out over 
serial link, BSD network stack, etc.

See here: https://github.com/RTEMS/rtems-libbsd/blob/master/libbsd.txt


> K.O.
> On Fri, Jun 08, 2018 at 10:48:06AM +0200, Lee Pool wrote:
>> Hi,
>> So I finally got around to "publish" work I did in 2009/2010 with RTEMS.
>> The work was mainly between myself and Till Straumann (SLAC), and
>> Dr. Joel Sherill, to get VME support for vme universe/vme tsi148 (
>> basic support ), into the i386 bsp.
>>  From there I "ported", which wasn't difficult, MIDAS :
>> https://bitbucket.org/tmidas/midas/src/develop/
>> to
>> https://bitbucket.org/lcpool2/midas-k600/src/develop/ ( our rtems port ).
>> What this did was to allow us to run our various VME single board
>> controllers, with a single frontend application.
>> It is still classified testing but its been very successful, so
>> far, and I hope to use it in the next experiment, if possible.
>> The midas port, contains a makefile, and some changes to the
>> midas.c/system.c/mfe.c files. I've not tested  the full
>> functionality
>> as I'm super time limited.
>> Hope this is help full to others...
>> Regards
>> Lee

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