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On 07/11/2018 08:23, Ian Caddy wrote:
>>> Or should this be fixed to check whether multi-tasking is running 
>>> before checking the currently running thread, we do this in some of 
>>> our other code?
>> Code which runs before the idle threads are created should not use 
>> complex Newlib functions. Unfortunately snprintf() is a complex 
>> Newlib function. I think we need a low level replacement for 
>> snprintf() which could be used during BSP initialization for example. 
>> This could be a simple wrapper for _IO_Printf().
>> I had a similar issue here:
>> https://lists.rtems.org/pipermail/devel/2018-September/023013.html
> Thanks, I must have skipped over that one from a short time ago.
> The problem is that we end up doing quite a lot of complicated things 
> before multi-tasking is started, and there is not going to be a simple 
> way around that for us with quite a large code base.
> I am still wondering whether or not I can change the __getreent 
> function to detect whether multi-tasking has started yet or not and 
> either return the task executing element or return the _GLOBAL_REENT 
> for the time before.
> I am wondering what other side effects there will be and whether this 
> is better than defining CONFIGURE_DISABLE_NEWLIB_REENTRANCY. I might 
> try an experiment to check which method might be better for us. 

If you update to the current master


then you could try to add this to the module which contains your 
application configuration:


struct _reent *__getreent(void)
   Thread_Control *executing;

   executing = _Thread_Get_executing();

   if (executing != NULL) {
     return executing->libc_reent;
   } else {
     return _GLOBAL_REENT;

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