Ian Caddy ianc at goanna.iinet.net.au
Wed Nov 7 07:50:38 UTC 2018

On 7/11/2018 3:38 PM, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> On 07/11/2018 08:23, Ian Caddy wrote:
>>>> Or should this be fixed to check whether multi-tasking is running 
>>>> before checking the currently running thread, we do this in some of 
>>>> our other code?
>>> Code which runs before the idle threads are created should not use 
>>> complex Newlib functions. Unfortunately snprintf() is a complex 
>>> Newlib function. I think we need a low level replacement for 
>>> snprintf() which could be used during BSP initialization for 
>>> example. This could be a simple wrapper for _IO_Printf().
>>> I had a similar issue here:
>>> https://lists.rtems.org/pipermail/devel/2018-September/023013.html
>> Thanks, I must have skipped over that one from a short time ago.
>> The problem is that we end up doing quite a lot of complicated things 
>> before multi-tasking is started, and there is not going to be a 
>> simple way around that for us with quite a large code base.
>> I am still wondering whether or not I can change the __getreent 
>> function to detect whether multi-tasking has started yet or not and 
>> either return the task executing element or return the _GLOBAL_REENT 
>> for the time before.
>> I am wondering what other side effects there will be and whether this 
>> is better than defining CONFIGURE_DISABLE_NEWLIB_REENTRANCY. I might 
>> try an experiment to check which method might be better for us. 
> If you update to the current master
> https://git.rtems.org/rtems/commit/?id=d1f7204649ff7c8bed36eab5af20c1a108af8b14 
> then you could try to add this to the module which contains your 
> application configuration:
> struct _reent *__getreent(void)
> {
>   Thread_Control *executing;
>   executing = _Thread_Get_executing();
>   if (executing != NULL) {
>     return executing->libc_reent;
>   } else {
>     return _GLOBAL_REENT;
>   }
> }
Actually I did try something very similar and it is working, I actually 
changed the confdefs.h to the following:

struct _reent *__getreent(void)
    retrun _GLOBAL_REENT;
    if ( _System_state_Is_before_initialization( _System_state_get() ) )
       return _GLOBAL_REENT;
       return _Thread_Get_executing()->libc_reent;

But I think I like yours better.  Just check for a NULL pointer and 
return the GLOBAL value should work fine.

Thanks for the help.


Ian C.

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