RTEMS in AMP mode

Thawra Kadeed kadeed at ida.ing.tu-bs.de
Thu Oct 11 10:40:14 UTC 2018


please, I have a question about using RTEMS in AMP mode.

In AMP mode we can boot RTEMS from one core and then it starts other 
cores with their own instances of RTEMS.

The question is does the master RTEMS support running another version of 
RTEMS in other cores?

For example, in case of 3 cores, the master RTEMS and the first slave 
are running the current RTEMS kernel (e.g. 4.11 to provide high 
performance), and the second slave is running a very old version of 
RTEMS (e.g. the 1990s to provide timing guarantees).

Is that possible using Gem5 simulation environment?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,

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