Using RTEMS on Zynq ultrascale in 32bit mode

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Tue Oct 16 06:01:34 UTC 2018

Hello Arturo,

On 15/10/2018 15:25, Arturo Perez Garcia wrote:
> Hi.
> During the last year, we developed a BSP for the r5 processors of the 
> zcu102 board. We have tested it extensively on HW. The BSP has been 
> developed to run RTEMS in the R5 processors in lockstep mode, hence it 
> runs on a single CPU and it doesn't admit SMP. It has been created for 
> the last RTEMS release, the 4.11.3.
> We have been using it internally in my research group, but now that 
> somebody has shown interest in using RTEMS with Zynq Ultrascale+ 
> devices is the moment for us to share/release it. We would like to add 
> it to the RTEMS sources, so some questions appear in my mind?
> -Can be the BSP added to the last RTEMS release? Or, must it be 
> adapted to the development branch?

new BSPs or variants should be added to the master.

> -Which is the revision procedure that must be done to validate the BSP?

You should run the RTEMS testsuite on the board.

> -Third-party sources are actually included in the BSP? Is this a problem?

It depends on the license of the third-party sources. Ideally, they 
should be BSD licensed without an advertising clause. Closed source 
licenses or a pure GPL are not acceptable.

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