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I think you are referencing the right documentation.
"rtems_termios_callbacks" should be what you need.

Would you tell me what exact platform you are working on? I recommend you
read the bsp source code that is mostly close to yours.

Please feel free to ask.

Best regards,

Ярослав Лещинский <midniwalker at> 于2018年10月26日周五 上午12:18写道:

> Hello,
> I'm working with a new BSP and now trying to add console implementation.
> I'm working on 4.11 branch.
> During the last try I've got such error:
> *error: unknown type name 'rtems_termios_handler'*
>  Although the documentation here:
> uses exactly such type name.
> Seems like I'm using the outdated API documentation. Could you please
> provide some info where I can get the actual reference documentation about
> 4.11 RTEMS Api.
> Thank you a lot.
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> --
> Kind regards,
> *Yaroslav Leshchinsky*
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