Problem with rtems5 on mvme2100 - hard-float/soft-float confusion

Rahn, Joachim Joachim.Rahn at
Mon Apr 1 15:20:24 UTC 2019

Hi Sebastian,

unfortunately it's not only a copy of the ELF file which BTW was
also my first guess.

I did all the commands from mvme2100 bsp-post-link (as you proposed) by
hand and the result is some kind of a mixture of an ELF and
a BINARY so at least it's neither a correct ELF nor a correct BINARY.

If I do the commands from bsp-post-link without option
"--no-warn-mismatch" I get the error:
powerpc-rtems5-ld: o-optimize/hello_world.exe uses hard float,
/rtems/5/powerpc-rtems5/mvme2100/lib/bootloader.o uses
soft float

At the moment I have no idea what's going on there...

Cheers, Joachim

On 01.04.2019 14:34, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> On 01/04/2019 14:15, Joachim Rahn wrote:
>> trying to be a bit more detailed...
>> On 01.04.19 09:45, Joachim Rahn wrote:
>> [...snip...]
>>> Looking into the the produced binary hello_world.ralf one can see,
>>> that there is still the ELF magic at the
>>> beginning of the binary file so it seems to me something goes wrong
>>> during link/load.
>> [...snip...]
>> building the examples for mvme2100 with rtems5 works without any error
>> message
>> but when I look into a produced binary (i.e. hello_world.ralf) it
>> looks like
> This is probably just a copy of the ELF file. You probably have to
> perform the steps in bsps/powerpc/motorola_powerpc/config/mvme2100.cfg
> by hand:
> define bsp-post-link
>     $(default-bsp-post-link)
>      $(OBJCOPY) -O binary -R .comment -S $(basename $@)$(EXEEXT) rtems
>      gzip -vf9 rtems
>      $(LD) -o $(basename $@)$(DOWNEXT) \
>         $(PROJECT_RELEASE)/lib/bootloader.o \
>         --just-symbols=$(basename $@)$(EXEEXT) \
>         --no-warn-mismatch \
>          -b binary rtems.gz -T $(PROJECT_RELEASE)/lib/ \
>          -Map $(basename $@).map && chmod 755 $@
>      rm -f rtems.gz
> endef


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