GSoC 2019 : Project POSIX Compliance

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Thu May 9 12:29:06 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

I want to express my gratitude to the mentors and the admins of RTEMS for
accepting my proposal for the GSoC 2019 program!

Thank you so much for giving me a chance to work with the developers of
this community.
I am a second year undergraduate student of Computer Science and
Engineering at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology Noida, India. As
mentioned in my proposal, I have a keen interest in Operating System,
Kernel and system programming and exploring the lowest layers of OS
functioning. I was very happy to find an organisation with projects of my

A brief detail about my past experience can be found in my proposal : ​

My Project deals with the implementation of a subset of functions that is
defined in FACE Technical Standard 3.0 and POSIX IEEE Standard 1003.1™ .

POSIX profiles defined in FACE technical Standards, designed for avionics
system versus POSIX in RTEMS where some functions are missing. These
missing function need to be implemented. For the same I will use FreeBSD,
NetBSD , POSIX 1003.1 as reference and IEEE std 1003.1 TM-2008. I will
integrate these implemented function to Newlib.

Some of the functions can pe ported from FreeBSD and NetBSD, others will
have to be written from scratch. Some of the codes, which I will write,
will be architecture specific. I have targeted ARM and SPARC architecture
for the SoC.
My Wiki page (It is partially filled. I will complete it soon and will keep
on updating it with the project timeline):

My GitHub page:


Vaibhav Gupta
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