Python Issues on master baseline

Rick VanderWal rvanderwal at
Thu Aug 27 16:18:05 UTC 2020

Good Morning,

I just did a git pull on the rtems-source-builder repository and I am 
now getting the following error when I execute:


Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "../source-builder/sb-check", line 23, in <module>
     import sb.check
ImportError: No module named sb.check

I have also tried running:

../source-builder/sb-set-builder --list-bsets

and get:

Incorrect Source Builder installation

It appears to be an issue the Python module imports. (I'm not very 
familiar with python) After some Googling, I've tried putting an in the sb directory. Running sb-check now, I get:

error: failed to load Linux host support

This was all done on Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 LTS. Python version is 2.7.17. 
I also tried modifying the sb-check script to force it to run python3 
(Version 3.6.9) and removed the file, which also gave:

error: failed to load Linux host support

Adding the file back had no effect.

It appears that the last commit on the repository changed how python was 
executed, but I'm not sure if I have a python configuration issue on my 
machine that just doesn't work with it.

Any guidance is definitely appreciated!


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