Error While building BSP | erc32 | sparc-rtems-4.11.3

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Mon Jan 27 11:17:24 UTC 2020

On Monday, 27 January 2020, Christian Mauderer <
christian.mauderer at> wrote:
> I noted that you have a RTEMS 4.11 toolchain. But it seems that you use
> the instructions for the RTEMS master (which has a Version 5). Did you
> use a matching RTEMS 4.11 branch for your build?

I used the tar files:

I have now instead built it using the the git repo as mentioned in the
quick-start document. It is running fine, with some minor issues:

1) Five BSP erc32 tests fail, namely:


2) On running `sparc-rtems5-gdb hello.exe` and doing `target sim`
gdb shows: Undefined target command: "sim"

Going through archives I found that others have also faced the same problem
and using `sparc-rtems5-sis` was suggested as a workaround.
I tried and it solved the problem.
Although I am not clear on why these problems occurred.
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