Compilation error in compiling RISC-V bsps

somesh deshmukh someshdeshmukh07 at
Fri Nov 6 14:33:02 UTC 2020


I am trying to compile rv64imafd BSP and I am facing the following issues.

Error log pasted below:

Making all-am in libtests
gmake[5]: Entering directory
rtems-ld -r
/home/somesh/rtos/rtems/src/kernel/rv64imafd/riscv-rtems5/c/rv64imafd \
   -C riscv-rtems5-gcc -c "-march=rv64imafd -mabi=lp64d" \
   -O rap -b dl06.pre -e rtems_main -s \
   -o dl06.rap dl06-o1.o dl06-o2.o -lm
error: rap::object: Section index '0' not found: dl06-o1.o
gmake[5]: *** [Makefile:8479: dl06.rap] Error 10
gmake[5]: Leaving directory

The command I used for building the BSP is pasted below:

*../rtems/configure --prefix=$HOME/rtos/rtems/5 --target=riscv-rtems5
--enable-rtemsbsp=rv64imafd --enable-tests --enable-posix

I am using latest release of RTEMS v5.1 on ubuntu v20 system.

I found the discussion related to similar issue at following link:

There is a ticket raised for the same issue:
What is the status of this ticket?

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