libbsd select timeout issue(critial!!)

RUI Zhengxin ruizx at
Tue Nov 17 02:04:48 UTC 2020

Hi Sebastian,
The bug report is added, a patch which using relative timeout is attached.
It has no time drift during 1 week testing.

在 2020-11-11 14:42:36,"Sebastian Huber" <sebastian.huber at> 写道:
>On 11/11/2020 03:50, RUI Zhengxin wrote:
>> This issue is very critial, it can make the select abnormally return 
>> timeout after long run time.
>> If the timeout is set to 5ms,  when the system run after 70000s(19.4h),
>> the select function will wait 10ms timeout, which is two times of 
>> setting value.
>> This issue is created by calculating timeout watchdog expire tick 
>> using the absolute time since libbsd5 version.
>Yes, the calculation of the absolute timeout is broken. Could you please 
>add a bug report:
>It would be nice if you could create a patch which fixes the bug.
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