Acessing PL devices of Xilinx Zedboard

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Thu Nov 19 06:38:11 UTC 2020

Hello Jonathan,

On 18/11/2020 17:00, Jonathan Brandmeyer wrote:
> Caveat: My information could be a little out of date.  We're still 
> running on a pre-release version of RTEMS 5.0.  But hopefully this 
> points you in the right direction.  In particular, I know that some 
> work has been done to support 4kB pages, but I don't know if the entry 
> point arm_cp15_start_setup_translation_table_and_enable_mmu_and_cache 
> currently uses that support or not.

the 4KiB pages MMU configuration was added with this commit:

commit f9648baf65ecec2cd01c96557a677ad6ecc06b11
Author: Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber at>
Date:   Mon Oct 28 10:15:28 2019 +0100

     bsps/arm: Add support for small pages MMU

     The small page MMU support reduces the granularity for memory settings
     through the MMU from 1MiB sections to 4KiB small pages.

     Enable it by default on the realview_pbx_a9_qemu BSP.

A BSP needs some minor changes to support it.

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