Building an RTEMS project with Eclipse + Waf

Robin Müller robin.mueller.m at
Sun Nov 22 17:41:44 UTC 2020


I was not sure where to post this, but I guess this mailing list is the
best way to ask a question.
The question is basically in the title.
There is a link on the RTEMS website:

Appears to be a bit short however :-) Will this be updated/added soon?

I am just wondering whether anyone has managed to make Eclipse work with
the waf build system . I assume that this is a work-in-progress because
there is already a (stub) website. I managed to make a simple Hello World
program work on the command line by following the Quick Start Guide, but
now my goal is to make development comfortable by using Eclipse (I am
guessing automake/Makefile will be replaced by waf?) and start adding own

Also, I was wondering whether there is a BSP for the STM32H7 series of MCUs.

Kind Regards
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