How to run RISC-V test applications using qemu?

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Thanks, Jiri.

Qemu worked fine for the rv32imafdc test binaries.
For the record, both qemu command lines worked well:
qemu-system-riscv32 -nographic -machine virt -m 2G -nographic -net none -serial mon:stdio  -bios ticker.exe

qemu-system-riscv32 -nographic -machine virt -m 2G -nographic -net none -serial mon:stdio  -bios none -kernel ticker.exe

I tried with qemu-4.2, qemu-5.1 and qemu-5.2-rc. It worked on all three.

@Karel: Thanks for the tip with Ctrl+a. Worked fine with that as well.

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I tried to experiment a bit with the riscv BSPs.

I could run them using the SIS simulator, but failed with qemu.

Regarding qemu I found this ticket:

In one mailinglist thread (from 2018) someone said it worked with a current master version of qemu.

I have compiled qemu-5.1 and qemu-5.2-rc2. Does anyone know if those version have the necessary patches included?

Then another source of error could be the command line parameters I used:

qemu-system-riscv32 -nographic -machine virt -m 2G -bios none -nographic -net none -serial stdio -monitor none -kernel ticker.exe

Does someone have an example for a working set of command line options?

Which BSP did you build and how did you build it? Can you try with -bios ticker.exe and discard the -kernel option? Did you try RV64?

I used the griscv BSP. If I read it correctly, it should be a rv32imafd processor. I built the BSP from current master and used the waf build system to build it.

I also just tried (with qemu-5.2.0-rc2) the following command using bios instead of kernel:

qemu-system-riscv32 -nographic -machine virt -m 2G -nographic -net none -serial stdio -monitor none -bios /tmp/riscv/rtems/build/riscv/griscv/testsuites/samples/ticker.exe

I still don't get any output. It might very well be that the serial or monitor configuration is not correct. These options are always a bit mysterious to me.

FWIW if I use "-serial stdio -monitor none" I can close qemu with Ctrl+C. If I use "-serial mon:stdio" Ctrl+C does not work.

Using qemu-system-riscv64 doesn't change anything.

The griscv bsp only works with sis, as it uses leon3/grlib peripherals. To run on qemu, you need to use the riscv/riscv bsps, e.g. rv32imafdc or any other in rtems/bsp/riscv/riscv/config.


PS. I plan to add "pure" riscv support to sis, once I find the proper device-tree definitions for the bsps ...

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