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hi Robin,

On Thu, Nov 26, 2020 at 1:52 AM Robin Müller <robin.mueller.m at>

> Hi,
> I can't submit a patch via the way recommended on the website.
> I tried to send the mail via web interface to devel at directly
> but then I received something related to spam protection.
> It's just a small patch for the arm/stm32h7 bsp which allows to adapt the
> clock rate in config.ini for the nucleo board. I also added .project to the
> .gitignore files so I can load the rtems soures and browse them in Eclipse.
> Is there any other way to submit it or can anyone tell me why I get the
> Username/Password reject warning when trying to submit the patch via
> command line? I'm sending from a GMAIL account..
You can add .project to rtems.git/.git/info/exclude for local ignore, or
you could create your own global core.excludesfile and add .project to your
personal .gitignore file pointed to by that option. We can't reasonably add
all possible file types that different OSs, distros, editors, etc create.

gmail/Google starting to reject some kinds of authentication. To use
git-send-email via GMail requires disabling some account security settings.
The relevant settings are under your Google Account.

Hit the grid icon on your browser in any Google app and select your Account
(or click your picture and Manage your Account). Go to Security, scroll
down to "Less secure app access", and enable it. Send the email via git
send-email, and then you can disable the less secure access again.
Sometimes Google will randomly disable it again for you.

I looked for how to do this with their "more secure" approach, but it
requires some more complex methods involving generating and manage
Oauth-like tokens. I don't think git send-email has been made to work with
these yet.


> Kind Regards
> Robin
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