rtems-syms for dynamic load

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Thu Oct 22 21:42:00 UTC 2020

On 22/10/20 11:17 pm, Rotem Dror wrote:
> I'm trying to implement the example found in the user manual of RTEMS (see
> */ Loadable Symbols/* on:
> https://docs.rtems.org/branches/master/user/exe/loader.html). ____
> From this example, it seems that it is necessary to use *_rtems-syms
> _*application. This app is existing on the RCC version. But when I try to run it
> I get an error message: "cannot execute binary file" (on msys2 terminal).____

RCC version? Did you build the tools or is this from a supplier?


> I also tried to execute this app on CMD of windows and got a message that this
> file is not recognized as a command. And when I change the suffix to .exe I got
> an error that this file is 16 bit (??)/____

The rtems-tools does build on Windows and the commands should work.


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