SPI Driver Implementation

Rick VanderWal rvanderwal at bellsouth.net
Tue Feb 9 20:21:17 UTC 2021

Hey All,

I am looking for guidance in regards to the implementation of a SPI bus 
driver for my Zynq-700 based board. I saw I2C bus driver implementations 
for Cadence and Xilinx-AXI, but did not see any SPI drivers. Please 
point me in the right direction if I missed something.

Assuming they need to be developed, I looked at the RTEMS 6 BSP and 
Driver Guide that specifies the use of the "SPI bus framework". However, 
I have looked at some of the Arm BSPs included with RTEMS and they all 
seem to use the libi2c library that is part of the cpukit. It claims to 
support both I2C and SPI.

Therefore, what is the correct or preferred way to develop a new driver 
should I need to create it. I'll gladly provide the implementation back 
to the project.

As always, thank you for you time and help.



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