MVME2500 (qoriq_e500) no longer boots with RTEMS6

Heinz Junkes junkes at
Fri Feb 19 16:30:04 UTC 2021

When I use the kernel from RTEMS6 my MVME2500 (qoriq_e500) 
does not boot anymore and hangs:

VME2500=> run rtems_myTests
reading mvme2500.dtb
12363 bytes read in 13 ms (928.7 KiB/s)
Speed: 1000, full duplex
Using eTSEC1 device
TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename 'ticker.img'.
Load address: 0x10000000
Loading: #####
        6.4 MiB/s
Bytes transferred = 60182 (eb16 hex)
WARNING: adjusting available memory to 30000000
## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 10000000 ...
  Image Name:   RTEMS
  Created:      2021-02-18  20:18:21 UTC
  Image Type:   PowerPC Linux Kernel Image (gzip compressed)
  Data Size:    60118 Bytes = 58.7 KiB
  Load Address: 00004000
  Entry Point:  00004000
  Verifying Checksum ... OK
## Flattened Device Tree blob at 20000000
  Booting using the fdt blob at 0x20000000
  Uncompressing Kernel Image ... OK
  Loading Device Tree to 03ff9000, end 03fff04a ... OK

no more output


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