SMP development for Xen BSP

Alireza Banejad alibanejad1376 at
Wed Mar 3 09:15:19 UTC 2021

I'm trying to implement SMP support for the Xen BSP. I was able to
successfully build the Xen BSP with SMP enabled however when I run a
smptest on the Xen hypervisor it always results in a
(9).  I tried messing around with the start files and with the help of
printf I realized that this error happens when this line "*kick_address =
(uint32_t) _start; in bspsmp" is executed. After this, I looked at the
start.S file to see what returns at what value is assigned to
*kick_address. However, I'm still confused. Isn't the _start asm function
supposed to be run at the very first of the program and not to be returned?
then why is it called again? and what is expected to be returned?
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