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Hello Pierre,

I used this repo and procedure ( https://github.com/pragnesh26992/rtems/blob/master/README-frdme310arty.md ) a couple years ago to build RTEMS for the Arty and things may have changed.  I don't know much about the RED-V board, but it might be worth investigating the need for a bootloader.hex file for the board.  I think, at least on the Arty, RTEMS relies on the bootloader and dtb to be set up the environment before taking over.  I don't know if the bootloader Pragnesh provided is compatible with your board or not, but it is probably worth looking into.
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I've just bought a RED-V board (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/15594) based on a SiFive FE310 SoC.  I've successfully tested a bare-metal (with FreedomStudio) and a Zephyr program on it. When connecting the board to USB a folder appears and you just have to copy a .hex file to flash the board :-)

I've tried RTEMS (5.1) with frdme310arty BSP (contributed by Pragnesh Patel from SiFive) but it looks like the hex file is not recognized. I've created the hex file with "riscv-rtems5-objcopy -O ihex helloworld.exe helloworld.hex".

I know the boards are different as both are supported by FreedomStudio and there are some differences in the dts files (freedom-e310-arty vs sifive-hifive1-revb BSP).

Any idea ?

thx by advance


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