Windows as a RTEMS dev environment

Matthew J Fletcher amimjf at
Fri Apr 15 11:29:01 UTC 2022


To make Joel happy with a patch i've been trying to setup a Windows VM as a
build environment, the process seems to have a few issues.

1) If your username/profile has a space in it the scripts dont all
encapsulate with quotes so break in various ways. Ok, so, created a new
user to get around that.

2) Getting a native build environment msys2, mingw64, etc setup seems
pretty random. Tried mingw64 first but makeinfo and some other tools not
available, ok, so moved to msys2. Dependency checks now pass but rsb
builder fails on first package DTC.

convert-dtsv0-lexer.l:27:10: fatal error: fnmatch.h: No such file or
Its clearly present at C:\msys64\usr\include\fnmatch.h

RSB looks to have issues, not surprising given the million possible windows

Does anyone have a known working setup on Windows ?

Matthew J Fletcher

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