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rwas wrote:

> I'm using rtems with pc104. I am rather green on rtems however. I have
> successfully compiled and run
> two of the netdemos and hello world. My current problem is that rtems
> won't use the serial port as the
> console device.

My understanding was that you modified the setting of a couple of 
variables in
pc386/console/console.c to accomplish this. 

* Possible value for console input/output :
*      BSP_UART_COM1
*      BSP_UART_COM2
* Note:
*   1. Currently BSPPrintkPort, cannot be assigned to COM2,
*      it will be fixed soon.
*   2. If both BSPConsolePort and BSPPrintkport are assigned
*      to same serial device it does not work that great


/* int BSPConsolePort = BSP_UART_COM2;  */
int BSPBaseBaud    = 115200;

> My processor board is the Jumptec MOPS/586..
> My main issues currently are getting or writing a device driver for
> ethernet chipset (Crystal CS8900)

It has a libchip driver so all you should need is the glue to the 
particular configuration.
Chris Johns <ccj at acm.org> submitted this a while back.

> and drivers for a DtoA board as well as a Synchronous Serial Interface
> board.

OK those aren't in the tree.  If they are for off-the-shelf boards, we 
all would be happy to see
them in the tree.

And I hope it goes without saying that custom driver development is one 
of OAR's
many RTEMS related services.

> Robert Wasierski
> Dynacs Engineering
> Eric Norum wrote:
>> I apologize in advance if this is a FAQ, but is anyone out there in
>> RTEMS-land using PC-104 SBC's?
>> If so, with what processor?  Using what BSP?
>> Thanks,
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