Using RTEMS on Zynq ultrascale in 32bit mode

Arturo Perez Garcia arturo.perez at
Mon Oct 15 13:25:00 UTC 2018


During the last year, we developed a BSP for the r5 processors of the 
zcu102 board. We have tested it extensively on HW. The BSP has been 
developed to run RTEMS in the R5 processors in lockstep mode, hence it 
runs on a single CPU and it doesn't admit SMP. It has been created for 
the last RTEMS release, the 4.11.3.

We have been using it internally in my research group, but now that 
somebody has shown interest in using RTEMS with Zynq Ultrascale+ devices 
is the moment for us to share/release it. We would like to add it to the 
RTEMS sources, so some questions appear in my mind?

-Can be the BSP added to the last RTEMS release? Or, must it be adapted 
to the development branch?
-Which is the revision procedure that must be done to validate the BSP?
-Third-party sources are actually included in the BSP? Is this a 

Arturo Perez Garcia - arturo.perez at

Center of Industrial Electronics
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