Acessing PL devices of Xilinx Zedboard

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Wed Nov 18 16:00:41 UTC 2020

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> Hello,
> We try to use the xilinx_zynq_zedboard BSP with some devices synthesized
> to the PL, e.g. a Xilinx NS16550 Uart.
> If I try to access any of the AXI registers, I get a fatal error with a
> vector number 0x04 (undefined instruction).
> Accessing the same register address from within a Xilinx standalone
> hello-world program works as expected.
> Could it be that during the RTEMS startup some of the system
> initialization is reset so that accessing the PL devices fails?

The default memory map does not provide access to any of the PL address
range.  You'll have to override the weak symbol zynq_setup_mmu_and_cache to
provide your own memory map.  The MMU code only supports 1 MB superpages at
this time.

Caveat: My information could be a little out of date.  We're still running
on a pre-release version of RTEMS 5.0.  But hopefully this points you in
the right direction.  In particular, I know that some work has been done to
support 4kB pages, but I don't know if the entry point
arm_cp15_start_setup_translation_table_and_enable_mmu_and_cache currently
uses that support or not.

Jonathan Brandmeyer
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