stm32h7 bsp - network driver for RTEMS legacy networking

Christian Mauderer oss at
Fri Nov 27 20:29:42 UTC 2020

Hello John,

On 27/11/2020 18:43, John Nathen wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to RTEMS and started playing with RTEMS on the STMH32H743ZI
> Nucleo board using the stm32h7 BSP a few weeks ago; I've got a few basic
> programs (LED Blink, console output...) to work on this board with minor
> changes in the configuration.
> The network driver for this BSP is implemented for libbsd, but I want to
> use the RTEMS legacy networking due to memory constraints.
> I've started to develop a networking driver that supports the RTEMS
> legacy networking but haven't made much progress as I'm new to RTEMS.
> I was wondering if anyone has already done a driver implementation or
> has any suggestions or inputs on how to proceed.

Note that the STM32H7 BSP is one of the newest BSPs. I doubt that anyone
tried to use it with the legacy stack yet.

Please also note that there have already been some discussions whether
the legacy stack should be removed. See

for one of the latest. I don't think that it will be removed soon as
long as it don't make some trouble. But I would strongly advice against
starting a serious project with it.

If libbsd is really too heavy (did you try the minimal config by the
way?) you might should look into lwIP instead.

That said: If you still want to use the legacy stack, you might want to
try to just backport the libbsd driver. For that I would suggest to take
a look at some of the drivers that have been ported in the other
direction so you can find the differences. For example the if_atsam or
some of the ffec drivers:

The structure is quite similar between both stacks.

Best regards


> Any help would be appreciated.
> Best Regards,
> John
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