problem in building BSP erc32

Ayushman Mishra ayushvidushi01 at
Mon Feb 1 19:28:28 UTC 2021

Hello everyone , I am Ayushman (chetak123) Btech 2nd year new to the
RTEMS organization . I have installed  rtems5-sparc and trying to
build BSP erc32
( but
I am getting BUILD FAIL while trying to do it using RSB and when doing
it manually there was no waf or wscript file present in branch 5 of
rtems git repository (in which I am currently working) , so downloaded
waf executable and copied wscript along with yaml and spec/build
directory from master branch into my working branch but now when I run
./waf configure --prefix=$HOME/quick-start/rtems/5  it starts looking
for rtems6 instead of 5 (Could not find the program
['sparc-rtems6-gcc'] ) and I am really stuck here.
I would be very thankful if somebody can please help me.

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