Handling RISC-V32 interrupts and traps, mcause mapping for rtems_interrupt_catch()

Schweikhardt, Jens (TSPCE3-TL4) Jens.Schweikhardt at tesat.de
Tue May 25 12:26:13 UTC 2021

Hello *,

I'm trying to install interrupt and trap handlers for interrupts and
traps not used by RTEMS 5 on a RISC-V32 rocket chip system.
In "Volume II: RISC-V Privileged Architectures" I found
"Table 3.6:  Machine cause register (mcause) values." listing
the interrupts and traps:

Interrupt  Exception Code  Description
1          0               User software interrupt
1          1               Supervisor software interrupt
1          2               Hypervisor software interrupt
1          3               Machine software interrupt
1          4               User timer interrupt
1          5               Supervisor timer interrupt
1          6               Hypervisor timer interrupt
1          7               Machine timer interrupt
1          8               User external interrupt
1          9               Supervisor external interrupt
1          10              Hypervisor external interrupt
1          11              Machine external interrupt
1          >=12            Reserved

0          0               Instruction address misaligned
0          1               Instruction access fault
0          2               Illegal instruction
0          3               Breakpoint
0          4               Load address misaligned
0          5               Load access fault
0          6               Store/AMO address misaligned
0          7               Store/AMO access fault
0          8               Environment call from U-mode
0          9               Environment call from S-mode
0          10              Environment call from H-mode
0          11              Environment call from M-mode
0          >=12            Reserved

The RTEMS RISC-V docs specify that unhandled exceptions invoke
the fatal error handler with RTEMS_FATAL_SOURCE_EXCEPTION.
I want to change this so a custom handler is called. I believe
I should use rtems_interrupt_catch(handler, <number>, &old)
but I am unsure what number to use for interrupt versus trap from
the table above. E.g. how would I install a handler for, say,
interrupt 11 (Machine external interrup) and how for
trap 11 (Environment call from M-mode)?

Which of these are used by RTEMS and should not be touched?

Thanks for any hints.


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